Women’s Association “Refleksione” was established in Tirana in 27 February 1992 and is registered as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization in Albania. Refleksione was founded by a group of college-educated women who were concerned about women’s rights in Albania right after the changes from a totalitarian regime to democracy. Refleksione brought together women of all walks of life, political and religious belonging, who initially engaged in efforts to educate themselves and other women about their rights and to look critically at how the political, economic, social, and cultural changes taking place in the country were affecting women and girls. Over the years Refleksione grew into a leading service and advocacy organization that works towards achieving gender equality in Albania.


Historical dates for “Refleksione” Association:

27.02.1992 –   Establishment of “Women’s Club – Refleksione”.

17.03.1992 –   Registration near Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

02.11.1995 – Transformation from Women’s Club to Women’s Association “Refleksione” and the establishment of branches in Shkodra and Pogradec.