Refleksione main partners are:

People – women and man that sympathies with our aim. They are the main agents of their own growth. Refleksione programs will encourage people to be owner of activities and drive them.

Local government / governmental institutions – necessary partners in programs implementation. The good example of Tirana  and Shkodra areas will lead to other ones in focused places of intervention.

Organizations – in and out Albania that work in the same or similar field as ours. Refleksione will strength the collaboration with the actual partner organization, and will make efforts to extend this kind of partnership also with new ones.

Professionals – that invest time and energy in our projects (economists, jurists, journalists, gender experts, etc). Their expertise makes possible better designing and successful achievements of our initiatives.

Donors – that have strongly supported our activity since its beginning, but also potential ones that will be identified. Refleksione will remains a trustable, transparent and effective partner for all of them.



Refleksione is part of the “Network Against Gender Violence and Trafficking”. The main characteristic of this network is that it based on complementary services, different organizations/centers provide to Albanian women including psychosocial support, free legal services, sheltering protection and care, access to employment, vocational training and qualification, information documentation and literature, etc.


Parts of this network are also:

Gender Alliance and Development Center,

Counseling Center for Women and Girls,

Shelter for Women and Girls,

Center for Legal Civil Initiatives.


These organizations are trying to provide a holistic approach to women’s needs by closely collaborating and networking with each other.