Monitoring of the Referral Mechanism for domestic violence cases at local level

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Donor: SDC Tirana, through LevizAlbania.

The Operational Monitoring Plan (POM) is an innovative instrument used for the first time in Albania in implementing the project “Monitoring the Local Referral Mechanisms for Domestic Violence – Citizens Activism for its Improvement” carried out by “Refleksione” in the Municipality of Lushnja, Fier and Korca, financially supported by Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC) through LevizAlbania Consortium.
The project adresses the current worrying situation regarding the level of Domenistic Violence and Gender Based Violenc (DV & GBV) in Albania and is focused in the three above mentioned municipalities. It is based on updated information from beforehand consultations with authorities and experts in gender equality at the former Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, meetings with local gender equality experts and representatives of the Referral Mechanisms in the three above mentioned municipalities, members of the Municipal Councils, representatives of civil society active in the field of human rights protection and local media.

The main aim of the POM is to find out and highlight the shortcomings in the efficient functioning of the Referral Mechanisms(RM) in the three targeted Municipalities by the local institutions that constitute it and promote the positive sides to consolidate as models of well functioning at the national level.

Please find as follows aspects from the project implementation.


  • Publisher: Refleksione
  • Language: Shqip
  • Paperback: 56 pages

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