Preventing violence against women before it happens

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Women’s Association “Refleksione”, launched this project on February 29, financially supported by the German Embassy in Tirana, which will be implemented by Refleksione in partnership with the Center for Evaluation, Monitoring and Training (CEMT) in 12 municipalities: Berat, Elbasan, Fier, Kavaja, Korça, Lezha, Lushnja, Përmet, Roskovec, Shkodra and Vlora.
The project aims to contribute in raising awareness of urban and rural communities of women, local actors and society in the 12 municipalities targeted for women’s fundamental right to a non-violent life and society for social peace. The project also aims to contribute in information on national legislation and legal education so that women can legally address the prevention of violence.

In the launching of the project from Refleksione, participated the local coordinators from 12 municipalities, selected by civil society organizations in these municipalities, the women’s and human rights movement as well as progressive individuals.

The Refleksione Executive Director, Ani Ruci and CEMT expert Elvana Gadeshi presented project activities and shared with local coordinators ideas for the full realization of the project goal.
Refleksione thanks the German Embassy in Tirana for making possible the implementation of this project in the field of prevention from violence against women with its financial support.  Refleksione approach is “Better prevent than Cure” based on the well known fact the treatment / addressing of the cases of violence has much higher economic and social costs than preventing them.